Daniele Marinelli, during his speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos (Switzerland), presented not only his DTCircle and Umetaworld, his newly created Metaverse, but also discussed topics such as innovation and web 3.0.

According to the entrepreneur, the web 3.0, which is based on blockchain technologies and decentralized systems, could certainly help rebuild the system of trust that existed when the Internet involved us as the main source of information.

His community, supported by SPM under the Ushare brand, has now risen to global fame.

  1. Daniele Marinelli and his DTCircle on the right path to change the economy and the world of web

It can no longer be doubted now, especially after numerous awards received at international events, that this project, born from the creativity of Daniele Marinelli, is within reach and close to making a significant impact in the creation of a new economy.

DTCircle‘s sustainable economic system, contrary to what most other social networks do, aims  to give back to each of its users the keys and the power to decide, in full autonomy and freedom of choice, what, how and when to share their personal data and interact with other users. 

A “collaboration” that, needless to say, not only benefits both the DTCircle and users who use it, but also takes place ethically.

  1. The importance of the blockchain for the entrepreneur

Speaking instead about blockchain, an innovative technology that first appeared with bitcoins, Marinelli said that it will play an increasingly important role in the future.

Indeed, blockchain, as hypothesized during the 2015 World Economic Forum, will not only have a significant (and positive) impact on global GDP by 2027, but will also be increasingly used in the energy sector.

The most developed companies, in particular, are already investing in harnessing this technology to manage bureaucratic aspects, which would otherwise be more time-consuming, as well as to improve and optimize their various supply chains.

And the reason is immediately stated: blockchain, besides being able to manage contracts of various kinds, makes the management process easier and also increases the security of transactions, financial and otherwise, making it much more difficult, if not impossible, for cybercriminals to steal digital assets or personal data.

The blockchain, therefore, especially when the use of the Metaverse will become almost daily, will become the key to protect our privacy and our personal data.

This is because security is precisely one of the strengths of blockchain. And it cannot be ruled out, as Daniele Marinelli stated, that in the future, in addition to those already mentioned, other sectors will be revolutionized, when even improved, by the introduction and daily use of this technology.